S2:Lost – [The Day We All Lost Our Virginity At The Same Time]

Update 4/2/2016 : Happy to see most listeners appreciated the April Fools podcast. Hate it or love it, know that we lovingly invested time and energy in “pranking” you… On with the show.

Original description : Things haven’t always been peachy-keen between the Sleepy crew, but there was a moment in time… a single moment… when their unhinged love for each other unquestionably altered the course of all their lives.

Your Hosts
Jeff (JohnnyUtah) . Cory (Spazkid)
Mick (Ricepirate) . Zach (PsychicPebbles)
Chris (Oney) . Niall . Stamper

Podcast Written and Edited by
Zach (PsychicPebbles) . Mick (Ricepirate)


Shane Danells . Ryan Pagonis . Creeps McPasta . Brian Adam . Jace Baker . Denis DeLong . Liam Staley . Sonny Canchola . Paul Raymond . Lucas Boucher . ubernoobinator . Matt Gronhovd . Rodolfo Davis Millet . Corbin Record . Dean Borris . Andrew Dore . Elecktricd00m . Kellen . Dani Rucker . Dazzanator . Conner St. John . Phillip Tafoya . Hudson Heitmeier . Sam Child . Yuval Birenzweig . Dan Jakab . Chaney Rockwell . Jacob Arends . Chris Moore . Shane Liesse . Blake Bevill . ChewySmokey . aguynamedGeoff . Bill Zhuang

And to ALL our delicious patrons!

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