S1:E30, Part 1 – [The End]

Part 1 of 3 of the SleepyCast Season 1 Finale.

The season finale of SleepyCast is upon you all. It is consensual, so we don’t give a fuck what your counselor says. We answer questions from Patreon and Reddit, and give Tom Fulp the gangbang of his life.

Very much love to all y’all, and we’ll be back on the air in a few months, so go outside and greet the world, you cave-dwelling stank-encrusted hobgoblins… oh wait. Fuck. That’s us. Nevermind. Kiss.

Your Hosts
Chris (Oney) . Mick (RicePirate)
Stamper . Zach (Psychicpebbles)
Cory (Spazkid) . Niall
Jeff (JohnnyUtah)

Podcast editing by
Mick (RicePirate) . Stamper


Jacob Miller, Shane Danells, Ryan Pagonis, Chris Cunniffe, Creeps McPasta ,Brian Adam, Nicholas Rose, Jace Baker, Denis DeLong, John Erlinger, Trevor Wood, Liam Staley, Hector I. Murillo, k0xfilter, skooks ,Sonny Canchola, Nile DeFreitas, Susparty, John Toomey, Timothy Smith, Paul Raymond, Lucas, Joshua Tully, Michael Westermeyer, Riley Paul, ubernoobinator, Matt Gronhovd, Joseph McCarty, William Sawikin, Travis Wager, Schegerino, Rodolfo Davis Millet, Windmill Punches, Corbin, Corbin Record, Dean Borris, Andrew Dore, Clyde Cash, Clock Watcher, Jonathan Tillmon, Elecktricd00m, Bill Zhuang

And to ALL our delicious patrons!

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