S2:E10 – [One Dillion Clones]

Chris returns from the moldy green isles of Ireland!

The fellas discuss Star Wars spoilers and the nature and consequence of unchecked cloning. Cory spills the beans on how he really feels about dad-jokes about skeletons. Niall describes the perfect child. And Jeff has a 4-way conversation with himself…

…ending in a carnal affair with one of the members of SleepyCabin. Join us.

Your Hosts
Chris (Oney) . Jeff (JohnnyUtah)
Cory (Spazkid) . Niall

Lead Podcast Editor
Jakub (Jakeuro)

Assistant Editors
Niall . Mick (Ricepirate)


Shane Danells . Ryan Pagonis . Jace Baker . Denis DeLong . Liam Staley. Skooks . Sonny Canchola . Susparty . Paul Raymond . Lucas Boucher . ubernoobinator . Travis Wager . Windmill Punches . Corbin Record . Dean Borris . Andrew Dore . Elecktricd00m . Bill Zhuang . Dani Rucker . Dazzanator . Conner St. John . Phillip Tafoya . Richard Hunt . Hudson Heitmeier . Sam Child . Yuval Birenzweig . Prosecutor Jeff . Thomas King . Chaney Rockwell . Jacob Arends . Andreas Tautra Sylte . Steven LeBlanc . James Vilhelmsen . Darren Moyer . Jesse Gomez . Father Ocrifha

And to ALL our delicious patrons!

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