S2:E8 – [Court Night Terrors]

Zach, Chris, Cory, and Niall discuss the the horrifying helplessness of sleep paralysis, naked mothers, sleeping on the job, and second-life.

Meanwhile, Cory seeks justice from Niall’s wild accusations, and the truth of the monkey-raping-a-frog-face debacle is battled in court.

Your Hosts
Chris (Oney) . Cory (Spazkid)
Zach (PsychicPebbles) . Niall

Lead Podcast Editor
Tom (TomRMusic)

Assistant Editors
Niall . Mick (Ricepirate)

Courtroom music clip by

And special thanks for helping find SFX
Fegetlord3000 (on Twitch)


Shane Danells . Ryan Pagonis . Jace Baker . Denis DeLong . Liam Staley. Skooks . Sonny Canchola . Susparty . Paul Raymond . Lucas Boucher . ubernoobinator . Travis Wager . Windmill Punches . Corbin Record . Dean Borris . Andrew Dore . Elecktricd00m . Bill Zhuang . Dani Rucker . Dazzanator . Conner St. John . Phillip Tafoya . Richard Hunt . Hudson Heitmeier . Sam Child . Yuval Birenzweig . Prosecutor Jeff . Thomas King . Chaney Rockwell . Jacob Arends . Andreas Tautra Sylte . Steven LeBlanc . James Vilhelmsen . Darren Moyer . Jesse Gomez . Father Ocrifha

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