S2:E20 – [Obliteration Circumcisions]

The complex science behind how color affects the human psyche . Horror movies and their hard-on for vibrantly colored blood. Being the victim of bullies, then returning the favor. Fun with Fireworks. Wand-crafting.

Also dangling dicks in front of children while naked men with bow-ties feed them fruit from a bowl.

Your Hosts
Jeff (JohnnyUtah) . Cory (Spazkid)
Chris (Oney) . Niall

Lead Podcast Editor
Jakub (Jakeuro)

Assistant Editors
Niall . Mick (Ricepirate)


Shane Danells . Ryan Pagonis . Creeps McPasta . Jace Baker . Denis DeLong . Liam Staley
Sonny Canchola . Susparty . Paul Raymond . Lucas Boucher . ubernoobinator . Matt Gronhovd
Rodolfo Davis Millet . Corbin Record . Andrew Dore . Elecktricd00m . Sparky . Dani Rucker
Dazzanator . Conner St. John . Phillip Tafoya . Yuval Birenzweig . Dan Jakab . Chaney Rockwell
Chris Moore . Shane Liesse . Blake Bevill . Bill Zhuang

And to ALL our delicious patrons!

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