SleepyCast S2:E27 – [Le Rancid Red Boca]

After nearly a year has passed, Chris, Zach, Mick, and Niall, discuss how much the political and social climate of the world has evolved with refined mental acuity that only time and experience can forge.

Nah, we talk about poo and if murdering cow-human-cyborg hybrids is worth $50. Also, the full story on the final fate of Hell Benders.

It’s been a while. We missed ya.

Your Hosts
Chris (Oney) . Zach (Psychicpebbles)
Mick (Ricepirate) . Niall

Podcast editing by
Mick (Ricepirate)

Additional “intermission” music by:
Kevin Macleod (


Thanks to all the fans, past patrons, haters, mothers, mother’s dogs that look like naked rats screamin’ like murdered goats, THANKS TO ALL Y’ALL for your support. Much love.

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