SleepyCast S2:E27b – [The Jizz-Eating Racist Guide to E3]

We return to Philadelphia, home of Cory and Jeff, to wrangle in our East Coast boys into a long over-due return to the podcast. With special guest Dave (Phantom Arcade) and West coast Sleepy member Mick, the fellas embark on a review of the 2018 E3 event.

*Shorter than a regular episode but not quite a lost episode, this clocks in at 27b … so still 3 more episodes to go.

Your Hosts
Jeff (JohnnyUtah) . Cory (Spazkid)
Mick (Ricepirate)

With Special Guest
Dave (Phantom Arcade)

Podcast editing by
Mick (Ricepirate)


Thanks to all the fans, past patrons, haters, mothers, mother’s dogs that look like naked rats screamin’ like murdered goats, THANKS TO ALL Y’ALL for your support. Much love.

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