The Marsquatch – by Dylan Bozic

From the animator, Dylan Bozic:

An animation experiment I that started over the summer. With the podcast wrapping up soon, I thought this might be a fitting tribute to the sleepin boys

An “experiment”? Jumpin’ Jesus, Dylan, this is professional quality animation, good sir. Can’t wait to see all the awesome work you cook up down the line, up the mountain, and into our faces.

Be sure to check out Dylan Bozic. He gonna kill it.

Animation by
Dylan Bozic

Featuring the Voices of
Zach (PsychicPebbles) . Chris (Oney)
Cory (Spazkid) . Mick (Ricepirate)

Audio from
S2:Lost Episode – [The Marsquatch]

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  1. Dillon says:

    Huge tallent. You’ll go far

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