A Tribute to SleepyCabin – by Skrydly

From the creator, Skrydly:

This video took me forever. I think this was the most elaborate and longest video I have done thus far. But, I love SleepyCabin, and everyone involved seem like genuine people, so I really wanted to do something to express how much I appreciate the entertainment that these guys put out. I hope no one gets the wrong idea from the video though. I hope it doesn’t come across like I’m saying ” the sleepycabin guys are my real life friends! I know them so well!”.

I was approaching this from almost a documentary standpoint, I was just trying to catalog what sleepycabin is and what the people behind it were like. I thought of it like watching a video about Walt Disney’s career, you’re going to hear some thing about the kind of person that Walt was, so that’s why I went into detail about how the sleepycabin members acted on the podcast and how they came off and yadda yadda yadda. If there’s any constructive criticism that anyone has, or if I mislabeled anything PLEASE let me know.

I’m happy to add any annotations to an animation or something, since I did use a lot of them. So now that this video is finally done, I can sleep. Ironically the sleepycabin video made me very sleepy because I wasn’t getting sleep. But I had a lot of fun making! I hope you enjoy Watching it. Thanks for watching.

Be sure to check out Skrydly. Hey, you…we love you, too.

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2 Responses

  1. Skrydly says:

    Dreams really do come true

    In my ass. Thanks Sleepycabin <3

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