The Sponge Factory – by Krycklund

From the animator, Krycklund:

Cory recounts his traumatic time at the Sponge Factory filled with retards while Chris and Niall witness in abject horror.

Also from the animator : Consider this my last tribute to the great podcast that was Sleepycast. It has been an exciting part of my everyday life for the last few years and has influenced my comedy in far more ways that I can express. To all the people involved in making it what it was, thank you!

No, Krycklund… thank you. For your hardwork, creativity, and the laughs. Good luck with your future projects, and thanks so much for being a part of the Sleepycabin story.

Animation by
Toothpaste HD

Featuring the Voices of
Chris (Oney) . Cory (Spazkid)
Niall (Cryburger)

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